Being Active and Social With Senior Living

However, just because you’ve gotten older, there’s absolutely not any reason for not staying active and social. Senior living doesn’t need to be just watching tv all day. You can get involved in many excellent activities to keep you going and socially involved. Volunteering is a wonderful way to escape the home and participate in your region. You can be a helper in the hospital, library, or even at [...]

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Regular Caregivers Best For Senior Safety

Staircases can grace the interior of a home and even exhibit craftsmanship. But for seniors who wish to keep on living in their own residence, staircases can rank as the location where most accidents happen in the house. 1 safety measure based on Tamara Kato of Comfort Keepers in Arcadia, California, includes using light-sensitive nighttime lights in unlit stairwells, halls and putting light switches at doorways.Having the exact same caregiver [...]

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